Styling Good Totes for 5 occasions

Styling Good Totes for 5 occasions

What makes a good tote bag? Is it functionality, aesthetics, or both?

Previously, my tote bags were either too flimsy, or never durable enough to hold the weight of the bag. Just to look for my keys or a pen. I had to rummage through my bag, and it was just endless rummaging. 

And that’s exactly why we created Good Totes. Combining aesthetic with functionality, we made sure that all our totes come with inner pockets, durable straps, and a roomy interior.

Whether you’re going to the gym, coffee shop, school or work, here are five Good Totes to match your favourite looks:

Athleisure x Going Places Tote


It’s gym time! Looking for a trusty bag to contain your gym clothes, towels, water bottle, and even a dumbbell or two? 

Our Going Places Totes are perfect for that  they come with compartments to hold absolutely everything you need for your sweat sessions.  

It is also waterproof and made out of heavy duty cotton, so it’ll definitely stand the test of time as you carry it to all your gym days.

Back to Office x Go-Getter Tote


I’ve searched high and low for the perfect laptop tote, but could never find one that can handle the weight of my laptop, chargers, and files.

That’s precisely why we designed the Go-Getter Tote; it’s made to support the go-getters and power users in their daily grind! (Psst... restocks are coming soon!)

Minimalist in nature, the tote's simple design make it suitable for any workplace. With three big inner pockets and padded laptop sleeve, you can count on it to contain all your work essentials.  

 Back to School x Go Getter Tote


Our Go-Getter Tote is also great for school. Made of resilient heavy-duty canvas, the tote is strong enough to hold your daily needs — laptops, books, jacket, and other school essentials!

The tote also comes with reinforced handles so that it sits comfortably on your shoulders throughout your day in school. 

Cafe Hopping x Going Places Tote


It’s finally the weekend, and it’s time to chill out! For your coffee runs, head to a cozy cafe with our Going Places Tote. It’s a fuss-free tote that you can just grab and go.

The bag comes with a magnetic closure and plenty of inner and outer compartments for all your daily adventures.

Midsummer picnic x Good Times Circle Tote


Do you love going to picnics? We do! This last look calls for a Good Times Circle Tote.

Featuring an intricate floral embroidery design, the circle tote perfectly complements all your spring and summer dresses. It also comes with a roomy interior so that you can pack your picnic essentials like your food, picnic mats, and fun card games.

Oh. and don't worry if you end up spilling drinks on the tote, because it's waterproof in nature!

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