Let’s explore our neighbourhoods - 4 tips to take on your next adventure! 🌎

Let’s explore our neighbourhoods - 4 tips to take on your next adventure! 🌎

Last week, the Good Totes Crew explored the streets of Tiong Bahru, one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates. Filled with quaint shophouses, aesthetic cafes & beautiful murals, the iconic neighbourhood exudes an old world charm like no other. 

We brought our Going Places Tote in latte with us! It's the perfect tote for ~adventurous~ days like these, because it fits it all: our water bottle, umbrella, sunscreen, cardigan, books, and more!

We snapped pictures along the walkways and estates, had fun visiting cafes, and it was truly a memorable experience!  

@goodtotes Exploring Tiong Bahru with the Latte Going Place tote! ☕️ 🍃#tiktoksg #supportsmallbusiness #fyp ♬ Love Maybe Secret Number - NIKO
When was the last time you explored a neighbourhood, discovered a quirky cafe, or said hi to a neighbour? Here are some of our tips to spark the wanderlust in you:  

1. Delve into the heart of a place

What makes a place special? Is it the people, food, or the vibrant culture? 

While discovering neighbourhoods, you could tour around well-known landmarks such as museums, galleries, markets, hawker centres, cool monuments, the list goes on and on! The key is to be comfortable in unfamiliar places and immerse yourself in adventure. 

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Tiong Bahru was constructed as early as in the 1920s. Today, it has been transformed into an intriguing mix of old and new; you get to see both vintage & hippy shophouses.

While many older residents have lived in the shophouses and flats here for decades, the younger generation flocks here for the food, shops, culture, and pretty wall facades! 

2. A good wander unveils the wonder of a city

Who says we always need a plan? The best adventures often happen as we stay in the moment and let our heart guide us through a new place. 

You could even bring your furry friends along and most importantly, lose yourself in the process. It's the perfect tonic to leave behind the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives!

While discovering Tiong Bahru, we stumbled upon the quaint back alleys with clean white walls and beautiful plants. And you know it, the beautiful Tiong Bahru back alleys call for a — phototime!

3. Explore new eateries 

Are you guilty of going back to the same restaurant? Because, us too! One tip is to google for the local’s favourite spots, they always know what’s best.

This time, we went to Plain Vanilla, a popular bakery cafe in Tiong Bahru. Prepare to be greeted by the fragrances of coffee and sweet deserts once you step foot in it. Sweet tooth lovers, you’re in for a treat!

Going Places Tote in latte


We got their refreshing iced latte to beat the hot weather. 🥵 The vibes were immaculate and we absolutely loved the pretty interior of the coffee shop! We see why Plain Vanilla was a highly-raved cafe. 

4. Admire the green spaces

With most of us studying and working indoors, getting fresh air and being in nature can be a fantastic form of therapy. Take a step back and appreciate the beauty of being outdoors. Connect your heart, soul and mind to nature, and I promise your stress will melt away for at least a moment.

Watch sunsets at a park, plant a garden in your yard, and observe wildlife in action. Welcome spring and watch how the flowers bloom for you!

We hoped that we inspired you to embark on your next adventure! Let us know where you went, because we always love hearing your stories with Good Totes ❤️

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